Ohanna II

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Message from Ohanna
Calm your mind by remembering you have everything you need. It's already inside of you.


Crystals & Minerals Included: Dumortierite, Clear Quartz, Lava Rock, Stones from Beach of Lake Constance
Size: 2.125" inner diameter
Name: Ohanna means "God's gift"

This one-of-a-kind Crystal bracelet was created for IX by Birgit Müller, a jewelry designer and Crystal expert living in Germany. Her design combines the natural high-frequency energy of the Crystals with an eye for beauty and wearability.

Since jewelry is worn close to the body, the intentions of the wearer merge with the properties of the piece. This amplifies the energy making this bracelet a powerful piece of wearable art.

Economy shipping (5-8 business days) is included. For custom shipping or international orders, please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@ix-nyc.com to work out the details.

Environmental Consciousness
We are dedicated to being good stewards of the Earth. Our Crystals are sourced globally from a select number of family-owned suppliers, known for their integrity and expertise. With packaging, we strive to balance aesthetics with sustainability. As much as possible, we use recycled and natural materials, avoid plastic, and support small businesses.

Your purchase contributes to Instituto Xilonen's philanthropic Crystal placements around the world.