IXIM brings the wisdom of Crystals into the modern age.

We match high-frequency Crystals with individuals and institutions who seek to amplify their wellbeing and influence change in the world from a place of higher consciousness and harmony.

Welcome to IXIM! We are here, with you and for you.




The extraordinary Crystals in this collection were selected specifically for their beauty and energetic properties - and are perfect for the gift-giving season.

For this very special IX gift experience, we will create an individually recorded message specifically for your recipient. It will include:

  • your personal wishes and gift intentions
  • detailed information about the Crystal
  • a meditation to activate the connection between the Crystal and its new Keeper.

About the Personalized Message
At check-out, you will be prompted to write a personal message for your recipient. Your words will be included in an online recorded message that accompanies each gift. Simple instructions on how to access the recording will be included in the gift box. Here's a sample message:

Dear Kate, This Crystal is to help you stay grounded as you pursue your big dreams. I am so proud of you! Love, Dad

Please note: If you are unable to write your message upon check-out, it can also be emailed to elizabeth@ix-nyc.com. Please include the gift recipient's name and your order number.



These stunning creations bring the beauty and power of IX Crystals with you, wherever you are.

The one-of-a-kind Crystal necklaces and bracelets were created for IX by Birgit Müller, a jewelry designer and Crystal expert living in Germany. The designs combine the natural high-frequency energy of the Crystals with an eye for beauty and wearability.

Since jewelry is worn close to the body, the intentions of the wearer merge with the properties of the piece. This amplifies the energy making each a powerful piece of wearable art.

About Birgit Müller
"Use the energy of the stones to live your convictions." - Birgit Müller

Birgit Müller is an artist who brings her extensive knowledge of Crystal energies and personal touch into magical designs that reflect her love and awe of the natural world. Her Crystal necklaces and bracelets are designed to help the wearer amplify positive energy, and provide the deep support that underlies all new growth and expansion to enjoy life.

Environmental Consciousness

We are dedicated to being good stewards of the Earth. Our Crystals are sourced globally from a select number of family-owned suppliers, known for their integrity and expertise. With packaging, we strive to balance aesthetics with sustainability. As much as possible, we use recycled and natural materials, avoid plastic, and support small businesses.

Accessibility Information

If your gift recipient is deaf or hard of hearing, please reach out to elizabeth@ix-nyc.com after placing your order. We will provide the personalized audio message and meditation in a written format for your recipient.

Your purchase contributes to Instituto Xilonen's philanthropic Crystal placements around the world.